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About JetLink

At JetLink, I believe in simplifying the way you manage and share links. Our platform offers a straightforward yet powerful solution for transforming lengthy URLs into compact, shareable links. Beyond the basics.

My main priority is ensuring your privacy. We don't keep tabs on or store any unnecessary information about you. We only collect what's required to effectively provide our services and maintain platform security.

JetLink is not meant for business or marketing purposes, It's goal is to provide you simple solution for your personal daily usage. You may not always like to share those lengthy links to your friends or colleague, so that's where JetLink helps you out without hassale of going to a big dashboard and creating a link with thousand other distrations. I kept it simple and straightforward.

Features 🌟

Enhanced Security Options: Your privacy matters. With JetLink, you can add an extra layer of protection by password-protecting your links. Share confidently, knowing your content is accessible only to those with the right credentials.

Tailored Link Handles: Customize your link handles to make them more relevant and memorable. This feature allows you to maintain consistency with your branding and messaging.

Effortless QR Code Generation: In an increasingly digital world, QR codes offer a quick way to bridge the gap between physical and online content. JetLink lets you effortlessly generate QR codes for your links, expanding your sharing options.

Seamless Social Media Sharing: Save time by sharing your shortened links directly to your preferred social media platforms. Connect with your audience where they're most active.

No-Cost Convenience: I'm committed to keeping JetLink free to use. There are no hidden charges or premium subscriptions. Experience the full functionality of our link shortener tool without any financial barriers.


What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a service that takes a long URL and creates a shorter version of it. This can be useful for making links more manageable and easier to share. URL shorteners can also track the number of clicks on a link, which can be helpful for marketing purposes.

Are short links case sensitive?

Yes, short links are case sensitve.

Is JetLink free to use?

Yes, JetLink is 100% free for everyone to use.

How do I report a short url that redirects to spam or a malicious site?

Please send malicious short urls to

How do I use a URL shortener?

To use a URL shortener, simply enter the original URL into the shortener's website or app. The shortener will then generate a shortened URL that you can share with others.

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